We developed a greenhouse-based vegetable farm at Kamuzu International Airport in Lilongwe to provide a wide range of high-quality vegetables to Malawi and will reduce the country’s heavy reliance on imported horticultural from South Africa.

16 hectors of greenhouses for tomatoes, green peppers, and aubergines.

The greenhouse farm will utilize state of the art technology and an advanced farm management system including having deep boreholes that will pump out underground water which is used to irrigate the crops.

The greenhouse farm, which has 180 employees including local people, will also be a training center, drawing together farmers, neighboring communities, and agriculture entrepreneurs to benefit from professional farm management lessons.



The first harvest of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants were sent to supermarket shelves today.


The farm’s first crop was delivered for lunch for the homeless.


And also was given to charity:

Mr. Nir Gess visited farms in Malawi at the end of October 2020.

The Computer and pomp’s room in the greenhouse is made to mix the water with the chemical the plants need and making distribution to all the plants in the greenhouse.
Water pomp room
Greenhouse No. 1 for tomatoes
Greenhouse for obergines
Bell peppers water cooler
Wheelhouse No.10 under construction
Wheelhouse No.3 for aubergines
The first harvest 21.10.2020


A large-scale project for the construction of greenhouses for growing vegetables in Malawi.


SOURCE: African Development News